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During the period from April 25, 2024, to July 14, 2024, the Venice Access Contribution is in effect on specific dates: from 25/04/2024 to 05/05/2024 and on the following days 11/05/2024, 12/05/2024, 18/05/2024, 19/05/2024, 25/05/2024, 26/05/2024, 08/06/2024, 09/06/2024, 15/06/2024, 16/06/2024, 22/06/2024, 23/06/2024, 29/06/2024, 30/06/2024, 06/07/2024, 07/07/2024, 13/07/2024, and 14/07/2024

 If you’re staying in accommodation within the city of Venice and need to pay the Tourist Tax, you’re exempt from the Access Contribution but must have a QR code indicating your stay.

To obtain the QR code for yourself and family, visit , choose „Request Exemption,“ select „I am a guest in an accommodation in Venice,“ and click „Request Exemption.“ Enter your arrival and departure dates.

 In the data entry screen, use accommodation number 1425 for Hotel dell’ Opera as a guest of this facility. Add names of other guests under „Add holder.“

 Keep the acquired vouchers digitally, and if checked, present them to authorized personnel at the city’s main access points.


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