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The Redentore Feast Day | The Redeemer's Feast
dejuillet 17, 2021àjuillet 17, 2021
The Festa del Redentore is an event held in Venice the third Sunday of July...
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Torcello Island and Assumption Feast Day
deaoût 15, 2021àaoût 15, 2021
If you want to do something different on mid-August, we suggest a visit to the...
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Historical Regatta
deseptembre 5, 2021àseptembre 5, 2021
The Historical Regatta is the main calendar date for annual "Voga alla Veneta" rowing even...
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78th Venice International Film Festival
deseptembre 1, 2021àseptembre 11, 2021
The 78th Venice International Film Festival is organised by La Biennale di Venezia...
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Venicemarathon 2021
deoctobre 24, 2021àoctobre 24, 2021
Venicemarathon is an international marathon globally recognized certified by the IAAF Silv...
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The Madonna Della Salute Feast Day
denovembre 21, 2021ànovembre 21, 2021
The Madonna della Salute, celebrated every year on 21 November, is the festivity which is...
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"La Fenice" Opera House - Guided Tours
dejanvier 1, 2021àdécembre 31, 2021
If you are visiting Venice, the Teatro La Fenice is an essential destination to make...
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"La Fenice" Opera House 2021 Operas, Concerts and Ballets
dejanvier 1, 2021àdécembre 31, 2021
The Teatro La Fenice was founded in 1792. In the nineteenth century, the theatre staged...
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Carnival of Venice 2021
defévrier 6, 2021àfévrier 16, 2021
TRADITIONAL, EMOTIONAL, DIGITAL From February 6 to 7 and from Febrauary 11 to 16 The new...
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Easter in Venice
deavril 4, 2021àavril 5, 2021
In April spring begins and Venice becomes even more enchanting, the best time to enjoy...
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The 17th International Architecture Exhibition
demai 22, 2021ànovembre 21, 2021
The 17th International Architecture Exhibition will run 22 May to 21 November 2021, curate...
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demai 23, 2021àmai 23, 2021
"The The Vogalonga is a non-competitive celebration for all rowers. This peaceful protest...
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Venice Boat Show
demai 29, 2021àjuin 6, 2021
After the first edition in 2019, the Venice Boat Show is back from May 29th...
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The Venice Glass Week
deseptembre 4, 2021àseptembre 12, 2021
THE VENICE GLASS WEEK is the international festival that the city of Venice dedicates to...
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Homo Faber
deseptembre 9, 2021àseptembre 26, 2021
Celebrating the best of European and Japanese craftsmanship Programme 15 exhibitions, 18...
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